A Wonderful Hobby

A Great Way to Earn Extra Money


Have Fun While Doing It

4 Hours of DVD Instructional Video

Produced by - Harvey J. Noel - Master Watchmaker

Precision Watch and Clock Repair - 239 Longhill Rd. - Dover, NH 03820

Watch repairing, is a great hobby and a great way to earn extra money by turning a fun hobby into a full time business. You basically have two choices to learn watch repairing, attend a formal school for big bucks being away from home for nine months to two years or learn at home by video at your own pace.

The video camera has enabled me to make this course so simple that even someone who as never seen the insides of a watch can follow step by step the procedures. You will be surprised at how quickly your skills will progress. A pocket watch is used in the video because it is easier to see and you need to start working on the larger watches to develop your skill handling small parts before going on to wrist or bracelet watches. You should be able to pick up a pocket watch to learn on for 25 to 50 dollars. They are available at NAWCC (National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors) Marts and many local antique shops. You will often find non-runners for a very reasonable price. Ask if you do not see non-runners displayed as they are often held out for collectors and hobbyist.

Be sure you start on a pocket watch. Do not try to use a wrist watch while learning as the parts are to small easily damaged and you may become discouraged. You will learn all the basics you need to clean and accomplish general repairs on mechanical watches. The videos have four hours of detailed instructions on how to clean and repair movements (includes breakdown and assembly part by part) using a minimum of tools and without using expensive equipment. Using a large easy to see model how the lever escapement works is explained in great detail. You will learn how the impulse is passed through the escapement and the purpose of each component. Emphasis is placed on lock, drop, slide, draft, banking pins, guard pin and more. How the escapement works is the heart of a watch, master its secrets and you have mastered what many will never understand. See how the stop works work and the proper way to time this clever way of protecting the mainspring, a part of the watch not understood by many in the trade. Learn how to wind mainsprings in by hand and by using a spring winder. Poising and truing the balance, oiling, cleaning, replacing pallet roller jewels, hand dial removal, replacement of a balance staff all clearly shown. Using the staking set and many other tools and tips are shown in detail. The setting parts are covered in detail, and much, much more. Each video has an indexed time reference. Copies and editing are done through a broadcast quality time base corrector. You won't be disappointed!